It takes more than one video to make video work for your business.

Effective and scalable video strategy takes more than just a few videos produced and distributed on your website and YouTube.  It requires a thoughtful approach to your business and a creative look at how video can enhance and grow your business.

What we do

We work with your executive team and marketing department to understand what is at stake in your business, what happens if you don’t take on the challenge of video and how you can best use video to trump your competition and achieve your business objectives. Three things we do differently:

  1. Target best opportunities for video

Our comprehensive review of your business model, and your market and competitive landscapes helps our experts identify the opportunities where video can make the most immediate and long-term impact.

  1. Design a scalable, measurable video plan

Every strategy engagement ends with a presentation of your unique video plan.  Our experts explain both strategic and tactical recommendations as well as new opportunities. The written plan includes tools and strategies that help you plan, execute and measure your success with video.

  1. Creating a measurable ROI

The hardest part of video is understanding the impact it has on your business. Using the video strategy, our clients are trained on how to measure results for each video, and how to perform the right ROI calculations.

If revenue is important to your business, work with a video strategist to create a custom video plan that drives results in the least amount of time.

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