ReadyCam Studio Uses

Video is used in many different ways.  Choose yours.

Live TV from the convenience of your office.

When the phone rings for a live TV interview you need to be ready. When a crisis hits, timely communication with your customers, personnel, analysts and the media is critical. Be prepared with a ReadyCam studio. There are no surprises. VideoLink manages the entire process and you’re on-air in 30 minutes! It’s the preferred insert studio of the TV and cable networks. Prepare for your next live TV interview. Read about it in our blog.

Web video without the resource commitment.

Time, resources and money.  Each play a role in creating video content.  Create the videos that you need, quickly and efficiently, with your ReadyCam studio.  After all, every website needs fresh video content.  Share your perspective on the market, your new product, or an important company announcement with your customers and employees. Produce high definition (HD) web video from the convenience of your office –  without hiring a crew!

Live or on-demand webcasts with all the bells and whistles.

Stream live or on-demand HD webcasts anywhere in the world using the ReadyCam. Our system is compatible with leading content delivery networks. Whether you need a live or on-demand solution, we partner with the best platforms to deliver a premium, on-demand rich media experience.

Video conferencing without the hassles.

Seamlessly connect our ReadyCam to our video conferencing platform by Cisco, or connect your existing video conferencing platform. Get more out of your conference with real-time video.

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